”Das Boot“ by U96 ignited a spark of inspiration in Oliver Breidenbach: Since then his first love has been electronic dance music first as an impassioned fan, since two years as a ”raving young father“ and increasingly as a producer and remixer. In 1999, he composed his own first tracks at home. Over time, not only his technical equipment became more professional, Breidenbach the musician also matured. He caused a sensation in various online music networks, first as DJSmileface and then under his own name. On the web, Oliver finally came to the attention of Transsonic artist, Earth Shy-T a meeting of destinies. Nine years after the first artistic experiments, the time is ripe for the 25-year-old Sauerlander’s debut album. And it’s having impact: From now on trance heaven radiates translucent brilliance ”Abendrot“.  


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