”I love music. It’s my life.“ One readily believes this of Melanie Endecott. Music weaves a recurrent theme through her biography.

Born in Virginia, USA, in 1976, she came into contact with singing at an early age: Her father is the musical director of a large church congregation; she was already singing in its choir at the age of ten. Of course, she also studied music, vocal performance at Lee University in Tennessee. At that time, she went on tour with various choirs, recorded CDs with them and was also involved in a musical. And not entirely insignificant: She met her future husband, a German, while at University.

Melanie now lives with him in Langen, Hesse where she naturally continues to pursue music with her heart and soul, among other things as a singing teacher and the co-founder of a gospel choir. ”I can sing all types of music. Gospel, dance, hip hop, jazz, soul even opera“; with her multi-facetted talent, Melanie knows how to feel her way into the mood of a song and to understand what the composition demands of her as a singer. ”I really do think that I have a great deal to offer as an artist.“

Many producers have already profited from her ability. She has lent her voice to diverse dance, pop and hip hop projects; she is to be heard, for example, in the track ”Summertime“ on the ”Frankfurt / FFM Lounge“ compilation“.

”If There’s a Way“ is the first number to appear under Melanie’s own name. ”I like to think that people dance to my music“, she says. And they will dance! That’s as certain as ”Amen“ in the church choir.







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