Transsonic Presenter is our new pride. When you need real anti-aliased images in your webpages then you will need Transsonic Presenter. Choose your favorite from the included templates and styles or use your own template to make the web presentations according to your corporate style guide.

fh digital service Transsonic Presenter is the tool of choice for professional PowerPoint97 to HTML conversion. Use a wide range of template styles for your individual presentation on the web. Add custom style templates to show your PowerPoint presentations to the world in your corporate ID.

Use your favorite HTML editor to create the style you want and let Transsonic Presenter the hard work for you and your company.

Download your free 30-day trial version now and experience the new features Transsonic Presenter provides for your business.


See examples
Here is a small collection of the available styles in Transsonic Presenter:

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Compare yourself
No one can know better what you like more than you yourself. See what PowerPoint97 generates using "Save as HTML..." and how Transsonic Presenter combines crispy images with browser downwards compatibility.

(available soon)


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